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Русификатор для PULPceiver iTV
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

PULPceiver iTV is a program to receive Internet-TV
PULPceiver iTV will allow the easy receiption of the diverse online-TV-broadcasters: Experience the variety of world-wide online broadcasting with PULPceiver iTV (an extensive list of online-channels is already pre-installed at PULPceiver iTV).
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Русификатор для Catalog Organizer Deluxe
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Quickly create and manage all kinds of product, project, science, art catalogs with this complex and straightforward application
If you work in the marketing industry, or science, or any branch that requires putting together a catalog may fall in your hands, that's why tools like Catalog Organizer Deluxe are created
Simple yet complex interface
The interface contains two main windows, the ''Table of contents'' which list all of your records and the ''Details page'', where the information from the record is displayed in detail.
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Русификатор для Cigati PDF Manager
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

A comprehensive PDF management tool that you can use to split, merge, convert, lock and unlock PDF files, all without too much hassle
When it comes to managing PDF files, there are dozens of software tools you can choose from, but few offer all-in-one functionality.
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Русификатор для myjson
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Improve your development with this Java library.
myjson is a simple java library designed to operate with object literals expressed in JSON notation.
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Русификатор для Symantec Internet Threat Meter
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Vista gadget that will add to your Sidebar and desktop the Symantec Internet Threat Meter
Symantec Internet Threat Meter is a gadget that will let you access the Syamtec internet protection from your sidebar.
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Русификатор для Multi Text Convertz0r
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Have regular text converted to leet, binary, or upside down characters for a fun new style to use in your conversations with this tool
What's new in Multi Text Convertz0r 1.
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Русификатор для 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

A web browser with built-in 27 popular Internet utilities including block pop-up
Wichio is a Web browser with built-in 27 popular and useful Internet utilities such as Block Pop-up windows, Download Manager, IP-URL Checker, Email Alerts, Web Update Alerts, Pre-fetch to speed up your web surfing, Delete History, Cache and Cookies, Fast Search, Auto Connect/Disconnect, Keep Connection Alive, Show System Resources, Show IP Address, Whois, Traceroute, Talking Reminders, Dictionaries, skins, etc.
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Русификатор для MAMEUI
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Enjoy the popular MAME emulator with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) on your computer by turning to this portable software solution
What's new in MAMEUI 0.
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Русификатор для IM-Magic Partition Resizer
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Portable and straightforward partition manager that can resize, copy, delete and format disk drives that adds all operations to a pending queue before committing them
IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a highly intuitive software application designed to help you change the dimension of your hard disk drives without having to format them first.
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Русификатор для ToToDo
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Software solution that allows you to create all sort of todo lists on your computer, you can check completed tasks and set priorities to them
Staying organized is quite difficult to achieve, considering that out lifestyles are becoming increasingly busy and chaotic.
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